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GE Lightspeed Ultra 8 CT Scanner

The GE Lightspeed Ultra 8 Slice CT System is a third generation multi-slice helical CT Scanner. It features a 53 kW generator, 6.3 MHU tube, and a fast gantry rotation time of 0.5 seconds. Capable of imaging 8 slices per rotation with widths of 8 x 125 mm and 8 x 2.5 mm as well as 4 slice widths of 4 x 1.25 mm to 4 x 5 mm slices. Other sizes are available as well.

Specifications:70cm (H2) Gantry Opening,6.3 MHU Tube,Solid State Detectors,High Performance DAS Operators Console,53KW Generator,10 to 440 MA,Subsecond Scan Time,Dual Monitors,Helical Tilt,Variviewer,70 CM Gantry Aperture,Magnetic Optical Disk Storage,+/- 30 Degree Gantry Tilt, 120 Second Helical.

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The GE LightSpeed VCT is a high image resolution 64-slice CT system. The LightSpeed VCT features 40 mm coverage of patient anatomy per rotation and 64 slices at 0.625 mm. The LightSpeed VCT offers 5-beat cardiac covering 137.5 mm per second. The high image resolution and acquisition speed is ideal for angiography, cardiac neuro, pediatric, pulmonary and trauma when freezing of cardiovascular motion, pure arterial phase imaging, and superior MultiPlanar reformats are key.

Specifications:SafeCT Low-dose Solution,Performix Pro 8.0 MHU Tube,Digital Detector V-RES 64,Options: Smart Prep,AutomA 3000 Image Series,Connect Pro,Direct-3D Direct,Sub-0.4-Second,Scan,VolumeViewer,AxialShuttle,SmartScore, Noise Reduction Filter,SmartStep,CT scanner mode: Multislic,Other rotation speed options (seconds): 0.35, 0.37, 0.4, 0.42, 0.45, 0.47, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 2.0,Minimum rotation speed: 0.4,Gantry diameter: 70 cm,Minimum temporal resolution: 175 msec,Maximum beam width: 4 cm,Minimum room size (length x width x height): 20 x 11.5 x 7,Table weight limit: 500 lbs,Table movement range vertically/longitudinally: 43-99 cm vertical, 203 cm horizontal

System Features: Covers 4 cm of patient anatomy per rotation, gathering 64 slices at 0.625 mm,Special features: 5-Beat Cardiac, covers 137.5 mm per second.

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The LightSpeed 16, with its sub-millimeter slices and routine 16-slice coverage delivers expanded clinical value while addressing your productivity and care of the patient. This 16 slice scanner is a development of GE’s existing multi-slice LightSpeed range, and can image 16 simultaneous 0.63 or 1.25 mm slices per rotation, in addition to other 8, 4, 2 and 1 slice modes.

Specifications:70cm Gantry Opening,LightSpeed Gantry W/RF Slip-Ring,± 30 degrees Gantry Tilt,Helical Tilt,Dual High Color, High Contrast 19in. Flat Panel LCD Monitors,Performix 6.3 mHu Tube,16 Slice Matrix Detector Patient 16-Slice,Patient Table with Metalless Cradle,Light Speed PDU,High Performance DAS,53.2kW Generator, 10 to 440 MA, 80, 100, 120, & 140kV Selections,Sub-Second Scanning (0.5 Second Scan Time),Auto MA to Optimize X-Ray Usage,SMART Start Gantry Activated Scanning,SMART Helical for Exam Streamlining SMART Prep Instant Contrast Monitoring,SMART Speed Scan Time Enhancer,SMART Tools to Automate Exam Tasks Variviewer,120 sec. Continuous Helical & Up to 2000 Contiguous Rotations,160cm Max. Scan Volume Based on Table Travel,Pitch of Quad 0.75:1 (3:1) or 1.5:1 (6:1),Magnetic Optical Disk Image Storage

System Features:The 4th evolution in LightSpeed,GE microVoxel® technology,Image quality in three dimensions,Ideal for Complete & Fast Head Scanning.

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Ge Lightspeed Plus 4 Slice Ct Scanner

This pre-owned refurbished GE Lightspeed Plus 4 Slice CT Scanner replaces the QX/i and adds a new gantry design and scan times up to 0.5 seconds. The H2 gantry is a modern upgrade that adds a futuristic look to your clinic. Uses an air-cooled system so no chiller is needed. It uses either the Xtream or Octane console, although typically the Xtream is included with GE Lightspeed products.

Specifications:6.3 MHU Tube,Solid State Detectors,High Performance DAS,Operators Console,53KW Generator,10 to 440 MA Subsecond Scan Time,Dual Monitors,Helical Tilt,Variviewer,70 CM Gantry Aperture,Magnetic Optical Disk Storage,+/30 Degree Gantry Tilt,120 Second Helical.

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GE Brightspeed Elite 16 CT Scanner

The Brightspeed 16 provides high quality images and wide range of applications.Data acquisition system with sampling rate increased upto 20% and noise reduced upto 33%, resulting in outstanding image qualityin signal starved areas.3D Dose modulation- Before the scan clinicians can select the desired noise/IQ, CT then tailored automatically exposure parameter, patient to patient and real time x-y-z during each scan, resulting in 30% dose reduction.Beam tracking techniques, providing real time X-ray follow up, guaranting that high spatial spatial resolution is reached with no post-patient collimation and no dose penality,Up to 3FPS recon speed,Direct MPR with Autobone feature.

Helical Scan: Continuous 360o scanning with table increamentation and no interscan delay. Scan can be acquired with a wide variety of speeds,Slice thickness: 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5, 10,Pitch: for 8 slice acquisition: 0.625:1, 0.875:1, 1.35:1, 1.675:1,for 16 slice acqusition: 0.5625:1, 0.9375:1, 1.375:1, 1.75:1,Scan speed: Full 360o rotational scan in 0.8s, 1.0s, Scan technique: KV- 80, 100, 120, 140 KV,mA- 10 to 260/350 mA, 5mA increments with 120 KV, Power- 31.2/42 KW with 120 KV,Helical Tilt: Helical acqusition is also possible with the gantry tilted to a maximum of 30o, in half degree increments,Helical Image reconstruction Algorithms: Soft tissue, Standard, Detail, Bone, Bone Plus, Lung and Edge. CTDI: CTDIvol expressed in mGy/100mA for IEC pitch 1, Head: 18.4mGy/100mAs,Body: 9.3mGy/100mAs,Axial Scan: Multislice Acqusitions and short interscan delays helps to reduce potential misregistration between scans by increasing the number of scans possible in a patient breath hold. The Brightspeed 16 CT Scanner system acquires axial scan in a set of 8 or 16 images in one 360 degree rotation,Scanning mode: 1i- slice thickness 1.25. 5, 10 mm,2i- slice thickness 0.625, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 mm,4i- slice thickness 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5 mm,8i- slice thickness 1.25,2.5 mm,16i- slice thickness 0.625.1.25 mm,Scan technique: KV- 80, 100, 120, 140 KV,mA- 10 to 260/350 mA, 5mA increments with 120 KV,Power- 31.2/42 KW with 120 KV.

Power Requirments: Input to the system is 200 to 240 V and 380 to 480 V nominal, 3 Phase Delta, 50/60 Hz. 50 KVA/ 75 KVA , 20 KVA average Power...

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